Whether you need it for work or play, there are many benefits of owning your own trailer. Trailers are available in different materials, including aluminum. Aluminum trailers offer many benefits that you may not be aware of. If you are not yet considering purchasing an aluminum trailer, here are some reasons why you should. If you have considered it but have yet to make the commitment, here are some reasons why you should take the next step.

1. Weight

The heavier your trailer, the more strain it puts on your towing vehicle. For example, it can do a number on your tires, potentially causing them to wear out more quickly than they would otherwise. Pulling a heavy trailer forces your engine to work harder, and your vehicle uses more fuel as a result. A lighter trailer helps to keep your tires in better condition and use fuel more efficiently. You can save a lot on your vehicle maintenance and fuel budget as a result.

You should take advantage of any opportunity you can find to lessen the weight of the load you are towing, including the weight of the trailer. Aluminum is known to be a lightweight material. Compared to steel trailers, aluminum trailers weigh 10% to 15% less. That may not seem like a big difference, but it can dramatically affect fuel efficiency and tire wear.

2. Strength

It is easy to underestimate the strength of aluminum. Indeed, in its pure form, aluminum is not a very strong material. However, aluminum trailers are made of an alloy that combines aluminum with several other materials. This combination retains all the advantages of aluminum while giving it a strength that rivals steel.

3. Durability

Not only are aluminum trailers strong, but they are also durable. In other words, they are able to stand up to harsh treatment for extended periods of time. Steel trailers have a reputation for strength, but aluminum is even more durable in a couple of important respects.

When exposed to water, a steel trailer is susceptible to rust. The water interacts with the metal to produce a chemical reaction. This results in corrosion that gradually eats away at the steel. Left unchecked, it could eventually render the trailer useless. Aluminum is impervious to rust. It does not produce the same chemical reaction when exposed to water and is therefore protected from the corrosive effects that could eventually render a steel trailer useless.

If a steel trailer were to become dented or bent out of shape, it would be very difficult to repair it. Restoration may not even be possible, and even if it is, the necessary repairs can be expensive. The repairs may also compromise the structural integrity of the trailer so that it is less reliable than it used to be. Aluminum is a more flexible material than steel. If it gets bent, dented, or otherwise twisted out of shape, it is usually a relatively easy matter to unbend or untwist it to remove the dents and restore them. You may not even see any trace left behind of where the damage occurred, and the trailer may look new.

Because aluminum trailers are so durable, they require less maintenance than their steel counterparts. This can translate into huge savings in the time and money required for the upkeep of your trailer.

Why Should You Purchase Custom Aluminum Trailers?

Buying a custom model from a trailer manufacturer in Ontario allows you to tailor it to your specific needs. Find out more about how to start the process of purchasing a custom trailer from PRIMO Trailer. If you don’t need a custom solution, we also carry a wide range of trailers available to purchase through partnerships with dealers.