We are the Best Aluminum Trailer Manufacturer. When we first thought about making a ladder right, we thought contractors and roofers. We asked them what they wanted in a rack. We found a consistent three things amongst every single contractor that we asked. Affordability, strength, and longevity. With the feedback and top most important attributes, we launch production on the perfect ladder rack.

Every ladder rack that Best Aluminum Trailer Manufacturer makes, the markers use 1/8 inch or thinner aluminum. This simply would not word for what our customers wanted and we wanted to make. We thought about using 1/4 inch but due to the sickness, this would just not word without being clumsy or just too big. We found out 1/6 inch aluminum would be perfect, the problem is that you cannot find it anywhere in the United States. However, we were not going to look the lack of what we want to keep us from making the perfect ladder rack. So, we went a step further and bought a 1/6 inch aluminum mold for our extrusion machine.

This is how we remain the Best Aluminum Trailer Manufacturer. Now with this new mold, we can build a rack to meet the needs of our contractors, roofers, or home user. These newly designed racks can be adjusted to fit any size trailer from 2 feet to 8 1/2 feet wide. Our rack supports 285 pounds each! This is almost double the next best practice. Our racks do not just work for ladders, but we design needs to be able to carry scaffolding, canoes, kayaks, ladders, lumber, pipes, conduit, and much much more. Our racks are all TIG welded making them not only stronger than any MIG welding rack, but also better looking. We design our rods to install quickly and easily. Each rack will only take about 15 minutes to install.

We make two different models; the first model is designed for flattop trailers. These racks have a piece of 90° angle aluminum on the bottom. This makes the rock fit snug against the top of the trailer. Then, we make our round top models. These have a piece of 1/4 inch thick flat aluminum on the bottom. This allows you to attach the racks to the top of your trailer. We headed 6 inches to these racks to make sure that they did the bow of the roof. Every rack comes with two side pieces and one aluminum tube. The center to can then be cut to any with trailer. Each set comes with four stainless total, 16 FEMA still washers, for stainless steel nylon not, and eight stainless steel self tapping screws.

We look forward to working with you and take care of all of your aluminum trailer needs, ladder needs, and anything else that you may need. Please be free to reach out to us any time regarding any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. We look forward to working with you and bring you the best overall experience. You give us a call at 480-378-0800 at any time, or check out our online website primotrailer.com to find all of our trailers, information, and so much more.

Best Aluminum Trailer Manufacturer

Here at the Best Aluminum Trailer Manufacturer, our car haulers are specifically designed with the customer in mind. Our mainframe is made with 2 x 5″ tube with a thickness of 1/4 inch. This makes our car hauler frame the strongest on the market rated at 6990 pounds. Sticking true to our base, we not only run our main framing from front to back, but we also added four more one by 2 inch beans has been the whole length of the trailer. We then use 4 to 6 more one by two beams from side to side. We then go even further and add two more 2 x 4″ tubes down each side of the trailer. I know you’re thinking that’s a lot of useless math, but it makes the biggest difference and the trailer.

All wiring is when completely enclosed with no wires exposed, because that’s just how we do it at the Best Aluminum Manufacturer. We use ultrabright LED lights to ensure everyone on the road can see your trailer at night. We use a 1.5 mm thick custom extrusion for our floor. This mold has four ribs giving each 8 foot long piece a 2500 pound payload capacity. We have drove Kubota and Yanmar excavators over these pieces with no problems occurring I think this just proves that we are the best and should be your go to toys for any and all of your car haulers.

We use the 6005-a aluminum on this trailer here at the Best Aluminum Trailer Manufacturer. 6005 – a is a great aluminum. It has a strength of 6061 but the flexibility of 6063. Almost every United States aluminum trailer manufacturer uses 6061. This is a strong aluminum, but it is not flexible at all so when it fails, it shatters. 6005 – a offers the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. You might be wondering why all these companies use 6061. The answer is simple, availability and cost. 6005 – a is an aluminum that is not only hard to source in the United States, but it is almost 30% more expensive. Fortunately, we have partners to provide us a steady stream of this premium aluminum.

At primo trailers, we strive to be the best aluminum trailer manufacturer in the United States. We promise to never cut corners to save a dime if it is at the expense of cutting any quality. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best value in trailers. We feel that it is our primary job to know what products will give you the best value. That is not always mean manufacturing the cheapest trailers out of the market and sell you the cheapest trailers at a low price. Although we have been told countless times that we have the best prices around in comparison to other aluminum trailers.

We take pride in the fact that we can produce a quality aluminum trailer at an affordable price. Please fill free to reach out to us any time regarding any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. We always more than happy to help. You can check out our online website primotrailer.com to see all of her information, our trailers, our ladders, and so much more. We can give us a call at any time at 480-378-0800.