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It’s important to put as much effort into finding the best car hauler trailer as you did for your car. You don’t want to discover that a car trailer isn’t right for your hauling needs after putting down hard-earned money. When your car is something special, you do everything you can to take care of it. Whether that’s expert-only maintenance or how you transport it when you aren’t driving it, you do your research and spare no expense. The best car hauler trailer is an important part of caring for your unique ride — check out our expert car trailer buying guide. conversation with our sales team PRIMO car hauler trailers will be closest to you. Our sales team will be waiting for your call 480-378-0800.

Best Car Hauler Trailer 

If you are in search of best car hauler trailer, check out our expert car trailer buying guide. Whether you show at events, race on the track, or just have something truly special, your car hauler trailer is an important investment. At PRIMO Trailers, we’ve paired hundreds of car enthusiasts with the best car hauler trailers for them. Here’s what you need to look for when buying a car hauler trailer. Choosing the right car hauler trailer comes down to size, price, and ease of use. For example, an open car hauler is an affordable option. An enclosed hauler offers more protection but could be too large or bulky when traveling.


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Below, we cover a few of the things you need to know when shopping for a car hauler trailer, and how to choose the best one to fit your needs.

Here at PRIMO Trailer, we know how important it is for our customers to receive the best customer service, products, price, and access to knowledgeable staff. At any given moment, we have trailers for our customers to choose. It’s critical to know what to look for when shopping for the right trailer for you, and looking for a car hauler is no different. We know your car is special to you, and you want to do everything in your power to care for it. Finding the right trailer to haul your car is part of taking care of your vehicle.

When you’re trying to find the best car hauler, there are a few factors to consider. 

Open vs Enclosed

Deciding between an open or enclosed trailer is one of the major factors to consider. Enclosed trailers are considered the best option by most people because they are full-coverage from weather conditions and can be used as permanent storage. In addition, your car is protected from potential road hazards during transportation. Typically, enclosed trailers are chosen by people who plan to travel long distances or special automotive events.

While there are so many benefits to enclosed trailers, open car haulers are still a good option. They are less expensive than enclosed trailers and some manufacturers offer great features that make the loading and unloading process a breeze.

Best Size

The best car hauler size depends entirely on your budget, the size of your car or cars, and how many cars you need to haul at once. There are a variety of car haulers available in sizes that go up to as much as 8 and a half feet wide and 70 feet long. Keep in mind, the bigger a trailer, the harder its maneuverability. The most desirable option is to find a car hauler that fits all your cars without sacrificing ease of use. One of the better options for a car hauler currently is the Warrior Drop Deck Car Hauler by Primo Trailers that measures 6 and half feet wide by 20 feet long. When looking for a quality car hauler, consider these factors. 

Trailer Weight

The weight of your car hauler determines the size of the tow vehicle and the payload it can carry. In addition, the weight of your show car will factor into the trailer weight. Older, classic cars tend to be heavier than modern cars or even race cars. Knowing how much your car or cars weigh is incredibly important when deciding on the best trailer weight and towing capacities. 


Most car haulers on the market today are made from steel, aluminum, or wood. Most often buyers are choosing between steel or aluminum car haulers. Both options are sturdy and more resistant to damage to your trailer. Between aluminum and steel, aluminum is usually considered the better option. Although it is more expensive than steel, it is corrosion and rust resistant, meaning you’ll save money on touch up damage in the long run. In addition, it is a more light weight material which makes it more desirable for towing. That said, steel trailers are still very durable and a great choice also. 

One of the major factors to consider when buying any trailer, you should start deciding between an open and an enclosed trailer right away. Enclosed car trailers can seem like the best option as they offer full-coverage from the elements and can be used for the permanent storage of the car. In addition, enclosed trailers also prevent any risk of damage to your car exterior from stones and other road debris. Generally, if people plan to travel across several states, they often prefer the enclosed option.

However, open car trailers are significantly less expensive, costing at least half of a quality enclosed trailer. The distance you plan to haul your car on the open road can help you make this decision. Open trailers allow for more maneuverability because they weigh less. They are great options for those who don’t want a special vehicle just to tow it and want better gas mileage. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes from flatbeds to slide in ramps to make loading and unloading easier. When checking for quality, try to find one with a bed made of treated lumber, aluminum, or steel plate.

Aside from affordability and ease of use, open trailers have many more features! If you’re just starting a business or only traveling a short distance to a car show, an open trailer is a great starting for you. But, this doesn’t mean an open trailer isn’t a wonderful option for advanced haulers. If you’re traveling longer distances, these offer better gas mileage because they’re less bulky than heavyweight enclosed trailers, and they’re more aerodynamic.

The best car trailer size depends on your budget, how many cars you need to haul at once, and the size of your car or cars. The smallest enclosed trailer you’ll find measures 8’ X 16’ — yet it is still more than large enough to haul a single vehicle with ease. The two most popular trailer sizes we sell are 8.5’ X 20’ and 8.5’ X 24’, both of which are ideal for hauling a single vehicle with room to spare.

The weight of your trailer determines the size of the tow vehicle needed — as well as the extent of the payload it can carry. Older, classic cars are almost always heavier than a light, track-ready racecar. Knowing how much your car or cars weigh is crucial when looking for the best car hauler trailer. In addition, knowing your truck’s towing capacity is important when deciding on the trailer weight you want.

The two main trailer weight classes we sell are 7,000 # GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) and 9,900 GVWR. A 7,000 # GVWR trailer allows for a payload of approximately 3,500 # while a 9,900 GVWR and GVWR trailer can have a payload of more than 6,000 #.

Primarily a financial decision, choosing between a steel or aluminum car trailer sets your price point and factors into the equipment lifespan. While aluminum trailers are more expensive, they reward that extra investment by being immune to rust and lasting longer. Just because you choose steel, however, doesn’t mean you can’t have a quality trailer. Steel trailers can be extremely durable, you just may need to touch up damage to keep it from rusting.

In addition to setting the price, steel and aluminum also play a factor in trailer weight. Since aluminum is significantly lighter than steel, it can be the smart choice when you need to transport a several-thousand-pound car and you desire to use a 7 thousand GVWR trailer.

When it comes to finding a reliable and versatile best car hauler trailers, Primo Trailer is your go-to choice. With our wide range of car hauler trailers for sale, exceptional features, and the ability to customize to your specifications, you can trust us to provide a high-quality solution for all your hauling needs.

If you would like to learn more about finding the best car hauler trailers with single or double axles, go to or contact Primo Trailer Sales at (480) 378-0800. We have a variety of trailers to suit you. We look forward to helping you with your next purchase of one of the best aluminum utility trailers!

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Frequently Asked Questions on “Best Car Hauler Trailers”

What size trailer is best for car hauling?

Most cars are 15′ long and about 6′ wide, meaning they need a relatively large amount of space to be transported. These dimensions mean cars will need to be transported on a utility trailer approximately 16′ long and 8′ wide.

What is the weight limit for a car hauler trailer?

A bumper pull car hauler with length enough for one car may have a GVWR of 6,000 pounds, while a double-car gooseneck trailer could max out at 15,000 pounds. Additionally, aluminum car trailer weight and capacity will vary greatly from steel. On average, the load capacity for car trailers is 7,100 pounds.

How much weight can a 20ft trailer hold?

However, if you wanted a 20-foot-long by 80-inch-wide trailer, you could choose between two axles that can carry either 3,500 or 5,200 pounds each. Our longest and widest trailer could potentially haul over 10,000 pounds of cargo.

How do you calculate trailer load capacity?

Subtract the empty weight of your trailer from the GVWR listed. The resulting number will be the maximum available cargo capacity of the trailer. Do not exceed this number. In addition to knowing your trailer’s towing limit, you need to know how to determine the correct load limit for your tow vehicle.

Best Car Hauler Trailers