Enclosed Trailer Near Me

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Enclosed Trailer Near Me

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An enclosed trailer, whether it’s a new model or quality used model, is a huge investment in your business or hobby.  Making the right choice takes a little research and complete understanding of your needs.

An enclosed or cargo trailer can be a blank canvas to be customized for anything from tiny living, running a small business, or taking your hobbies on the road. Or, your enclosed trailer can be purpose built, ready to go to work right off the lot.

Consider the size and weight of what you’re hauling when shopping for an enclosed trailer.  Start shopping from the inside out, starting with the trailer’s frame. Your trailer’s frame will support the weight of the trailer and its load. Trailers can be constructed of aluminum or steel; with I-beams, tubular, L-shaped, or C-channel beams.  The strongest beams will be those with the most metal. Next, evaluate how the frame is configured, looking for cross beams that are positioned to support heavy loads — at 16 to 24-inch intervals or less — if your trailer will haul big loads.

Enclosed trailers are the ultimate blank canvas, ready to be customized to meet your specific needs.

For those hauling vehicles – from snowmobiles, to mowers, to ATVs, to vintage cars – look for the positioning of tie-down rings and ask about the weight capacity of the rings to stabilize your load.  Consider the style of gate that’s right for your enclosed trailer.  While a small business owner working out of a trailer may find back double-doors the way to go, a vintage car enthusiast heading out to a string of shows, may need a fold-down ramp gate.

Opt for air conditioning and secure shelving when your bakery business deliveries exceed the delivery capacity of the family van; or look for custom built hooks and hangers to keep lawn maintenance equipment secure between jobs.

If your trailer is also your workspace, add lighting to the air-conditioning, and look for trailers that include flush-mounted sliding windows and a side entry.

Quality enclosed trailer manufacturers offer hundreds of options that can turn an enclosed trailer into a customized work space, business or even a vacation home.

From medical trucks to mobile eateries to lake-front cottages, consider the possibilities when choosing an enclosed trailer.

Begin the process of choosing an enclosed trailer for customization from the outside. Look for sidewalls that can be wrapped or painted to advertise your business – or customized to look like a cozy cabin.

If your business is expanding, but not enough for brick and mortar construction, consider the possibilities of an enclosed trailer customized as concession truck – for hot or cold food service — or as a portable store.  Look for trailers that are sized for your business, towable by your vehicle, and ready to be outfitted to meet your needs.

When storage and comfort need to come together, consider outfitting an enclosed trailer for tailgating or quick getaways.

PRIMO Enclosed Trailer

Why PRIMO Enclosed Trailer ?

When storage and comfort need to come together, consider outfitting an enclosed trailer for tailgating or quick getaways.

If your trailer is also your workspace, add lighting to the air-conditioning, and look for trailers that include flush-mounted sliding windows and a side entry.

If you’re planning to haul heavier loads, consider a dual or multiple axle enclosed trailer. Longer trailers, designed to carry even heavier loads, can be equipped with multiple axles.

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What are the most popular Enclosed Trailer brands
PRIMO Trailer is the best known for being the largest Enclosed trailer manufacturer in USA.
How much does a Enclosed Trailer cost?
A typical price for a Enclosed Trailer is $5,213 but can range from approximately $3,749 to $11,549.
What are the most popular color/finish families of Enclosed Trailers?
White, Silver and Red are among the most popular colors of Enclosed Trailers.
Why Primo for Enclosed Trailers

For a vast selection of new enclosed trailers from top-of the line PRIMO manufacturers visit PRIMO Trailer. The experts at PRIMO Trailer can guide your through the process of choosing the right trailer, whether it’s for hauling a lawn mower, snowmobile or ATV; sheltering a precious collectible, or the start of a new mobile business.

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