Buying a new utility trailer can be an investment. That’s not including all the new features and accessories you may spend money on to customize the trailer to your needs. With that in mind, it would be wise to find an aluminum utility trailer that has most of those features already included. This saves you time and possibly money. 


Ramps are a convenient way to load and unload equipment from your utility trailer. They help make the process easier while potentially preventing damage to your equipment. There is a variety of ramp types and they can vary from 45 inches to 130 inches. Some of the most common ramps are side mount, rear slide-in, dovetail, and ramp gate. There is the option to purchase a trailer ramp on its own, but if possible purchase a trailer with ramps attached. 

Tool Storage

When purchasing more accessories to accompany your trailer, you’ll want toolbox storage to provide more storage for your tools. Primo Trailer Parts has aluminum tool boxes that come in three sizes. This way you can find an aluminum tool box that best fits your trailer. These options will offer more storage in the bed of the trailer while still leaving space for cargo. 

In addition, other accessories are available that can help optimize space. There are tools such as ladder racks and hand tool racks that can be attached to your trailer. They use little space on your trailer and help to organize your tools. Primo Trailer Parts also offers these tools on their website at your convenience. 


Hydraulic technology is becoming more prevalent in trailers today making them more versatile and handy. While hydraulics increase the overall cost of the trailer, the expense might be worth it if you’re transporting incredibly valuable items, such as ATVs, motorcycles, and cars. Many motorcycle trailers and drop deck car haulers incorporate hydraulic technology to ensure safer loading. Primo Trailers sells a hydraulic motorcycle trailer and a hydraulic drop deck car hauler. 


Tie-downs are a must for your aluminum utility trailer. Many trailer manufacturers include tie-downs on their trailers already. If possible, you want to have as many tie-downs already on your trailer as possible. Most trailers come equipped with 4-6 tie-downs to make your life easier. This is a great amount to start out with, and you still have an option to purchase more if the minimum is not enough for your cargo. When you purchase D-ring tie-down anchors from places like Primo Trailer Parts you know you’re getting quality and a reliable product. 

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