One of the advantages of using an enclosed trailer for your business is that the exterior can be used for mobile advertising. Options can range from a logo, web address and phone number to a fully wrapped full color design. Primo Trailers can assist you through the steps of choosing the best branding option for your enclosed trailer. 

  1. Determine your budget

Complete an analysis of your finances to determine your budget for advertising. It may seem like the best idea to choose the least expensive method for displaying your branding, but consider the long-term. It may serve you better to invest more to get a bolder, more elaborate design and increase your visibility. The hope is the more expensive signage will certainly gain more customers and will pay a better return on your investment.

  1. Decide on your message

Remember that most people will see your trailer while it is moving on the road meaning you’ll just have a few seconds to convey information. Consolidate the information into a short message with high visual impact. If possible, find imagery that relates to your business and its message. 

  1. Consider your options

First, choose a trailer color. Most enclosed trailers come in black and white. Consider a color that will make your trailer stand out and complement your signage.

Below are a few options available to you for application of your signage. 

Self-adhesive vinyl lettering: Vinyl lettering is also easy to install and it comes pre-spaced. Apart from your logo, you can order custom decals and graphics to create eye-catching imagery and enhance your branding. 

Decals: Decals can be made custom for your trailer’s size and shape. You have the option of purchasing a partial or full graphic decals for bold imagery. Some decals you can apply yourself but others will need to be professionally installed for the best results. A bonus of using decals is that they can be removed giving you the opportunity to change your branding.

Trailer wraps: If your budget allows and you really want to make an impression, give your utility trailer a full of partial wrap. For the best results, you’ll want these to be professionally made. They are typically printed on an adhesive-backed vinyl that is sealed and protected with a UV laminate. The laminate film ensures you long-time use and bright colors. In the case that you want to change your branding, you can remove the existing wrap.