You’ve bought a new enclosed trailer and you’re excited to start customizing it, but you’re not sure where to start? We don’t blame you. There are so many options to choose from when customizing an enclosed trailer, but the best choices are dependent on your needs. Below is a quick read that can help you consider a few of the most popular enclosed trailer customizations. 

  1. E-tracks

E-tracks are a type of cargo control system consisting of a series of horizontal tracks that are mounted on the walls or the floors. They provide strong slats that can be utilized to attach hooks and cargo straps in order to keep items in place while the trailer is being hauled. Often times, people will customize their trailers with tracks on the floor and tracks on the walls for better flexibility. 

E-tracks are popular because of their versatility, ease of use, and their ability to be customized to fit specific needs of different types of cargo. For instance, E-tracks are commonly used in trailers for the purpose of hauling vehicles like ATVs and cars. 

  1. Cabinets

Cabinetry can provide you with custom storage inside your trailer. Of course, these are a better option for trailer owners that plan to use their enclosed trailers for purposes aside from hauling large vehicles, such as cars. If you plan on hauling your show car on your trailer, it might not be the best idea to purchase cabinets which can take up space inside. You’ll need to consider your trailer’s size to determine if cabinetry is a practical option.

Some of the most useful applications of cabinets include:

  • Tool storage
  • Organization for trade shows
  • Camping storage
  • Storage in food trailers for utensils, ingredients, and other items
  1. Lights

Whether you just want to look stylish on the road or bring more attention to the branding on the exterior of your trailer, lights can be a fun customization option. You can also install them on the interior to provide lighting while you load and unload. Both are great options. 

  1. Doors/Windows

Your enclosed trailer will already come fit with a door, but depending on what you will be using your trailer for, it might be necessary to include more doors or windows. For instance, if you will be using your trailer for your restaurant business, windows are a great option to make serving customers more efficient. 

  1. Racks

Racks can be secured to the sides of your trailer or to the roof. They can be used to store ladders and other large equipment giving you more space back on the interior of your trailer. Primo Trailer Parts sells trailer racks, such as an aluminum ladder rack, that can help you to organize your trailer and utilize space better. Visit to browse their selection of trailer parts.

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