Buying a utility trailer is an investment, so why not make the most of it? Using your trailer to jumpstart your landscaping business is one of the most common ways to make profit, but there are many more options that are not commonly thought of. Ultimately, your options for making profit are determined by the type of trailer you have. 

Rent Your Dump Trailers to Contractors for Material Delivery

If you are thinking of buying a utility trailer, maybe consider a dump trailer. A dump trailer can give you the opportunity to make money even if you’re not the one hauling the material. Rent out your dump trailer to local contractors so they can deliver gravel, mulch, cement, or take trash and rubble from a site. If this interests you, call your local contractors, landscaping, and construction companies letting them know your dump trailer is available for use. You may get lucky and find some hardworking contractors pressed for time.

Deliver Appliances

Finding businesses that might need extra assistance with their delivery methods is actually quite simple. You can visit any online shopping platform and start reaching out to sellers that need delivery options. Of course you’ll want to filter your search results by appropriate cargo. You can post your delivery services on the forums so that sellers who want to offer delivery but don’t have the means can contact you. While you wait for responses, ensure you have the necessary equipment prior to your first delivery. Often times, you will just need a few ratchet straps to stabilize a variety of hauls on a utility trailer.

Hotshotting Can Earn You More Money

It may be unfamiliar to you, but consider hotshotting if you are trying to earn more money with your utility trailer. What is hotshotting? Hotshotting is when you do a time-sensitive, high priority delivery for a customer. You are essentially taking jobs that are Less Than Truckload (LTL), or too small for some truck companies to take. This is a great niche to take advantage of as a way to make profit. 

Get Creative

Once you decide you want to use your trailer for profit, take the time to research. Take a look at other successful trailer businesses and make note of what may work for you. Using your research as a starting point, brainstorm creative methods to make profit. Give yourself the time to get a brilliant idea. 

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