If you’ve recently decided to purchase a new trailer, you may be wondering: should I go with a utility or cargo model? While we can’t answer that question for you, we can outline some of the many benefits and unique perks that come with each model to make your decision a little easier. Once you know what you’re looking for, you’re free to visit us here at Primo Trailers to start browsing for your new cargo or utility trailer!

Utility Trailer Benefits

Utility trailers are best suited for buyers who plan on carrying some pretty bulky cargo. This can include anything from heavy equipment and landscaping gear, to motorcycles, cars, and ATVs. With a utility trailer, you’ll find it incredibly easy to stuff your model to the brim, quickly tie everything down and take off. Because their beds are completely open or have minimal siding, these trailers are often much easier to load, tow, and drive with, as they’re not as bulky or heavy as cargo models.

Cargo Trailer Benefits

While cargo trailers have the same impressive weight-bearing capabilities a utility model has, these trailers are often better suited for large loads of freight, rather than singular bulky items. This is in part due to the unique way a cargo trailer secures items. While you’re welcome to tie everything down, it’s much easier to stack cargo up so it doesn’t slip and slide around. Cargo trailers are also the preferred model for buyers who are looking to transport extremely sensitive materials, as their enclosed beds can protect from wind, rain, theft, and accidental spills out onto the road.

Still stuck trying to decide between a cargo or utility trailer? Consider visiting us here at Primo Trailers in Tucson, Arizona. We proudly serve the nearby cities of Phoenix and Casa Grande, Arizona, and our expert staff will be happy to answer any of your trailer questions, and even make helpful recommendations!