Single and double axle aluminum utility trailers are determined by the number of axles mounted beneath the trailer. Single axle trailers will have one set and double axle trailers, also called tandem, will have two sets. It’s that simple and makes it easy to compare trailers.

Single Axle Trailers

Single axle trailers are smaller making them easier to maneuver. The smaller size makes it easier to tow with a lighter weight. In addition, the size of the single axle trailer helps make it more fuel efficient. Remember, single axle trailers have one set of tires, so their costs for tires and maintenance will be less. Also, single axle trailers do have negatives. For example, their smaller size means less storage and moving abilities. Their size can also become a problem for your tires because they could wear out more quickly from a lot of heavy loads.

Double Axle Trailers

Double axle trailers have two sets of axles allowing them to carry more weight. The extra wheels also help the trailer to be more stable on the roadways. In addition, the double axle trailer will be a bit more expensive, but with a double axle utility trailer, you are less likely to outgrow your trailer. This makes it a great addition as you grow your business. If and when you decide to sell your utility trailer, there will be a better return on your investment because they hold their value better. 

Which is better to suit your needs? 

The answer depends on you. Consider the trade-offs based on what is important to you. If you would like to keep your costs low and are hauling low weight loads with a lot of maneuverability, a single axle aluminum utility trailer is best. If you are hauling heavier weight loads over longer distances and are planning to expand your business, a double axle aluminum utility trailer will be the better choice. 

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