We know there’s a TON of options on the market today. We also know that there are hundreds of different price points, uses, qualities, and materials being used for bicycle trailers. This can make choosing the perfect bicycle trailer for you and your family extremely difficult. Luckily, we’re here to shed some light on some big things that make a great bicycle trailer, as well as some of the minor things you maybe haven’t considered.

Let’s first talk about bicycle trailer frames. Some are built from aluminum, some from steel, and some can even be wooden. The three basic components that make up a cargo bicycle trailer are: at least one wheel, a base frame, and some way to attach the trailer to the bicycle. The usual base frame we see in the market is a simple rectangular or u-frame frame with a transaxle between the wheels for support. This is currently the most popular frame style. Another popular frame style has an additional frame tube on the outside of each wheel so the wheel is supported on both sides. This style reduces the trailer interior with by 2” because overall with should not exceed 32” (so the trailer can pass through a standard 34” door). Wike bike trailers use a double perimeter frame in order to maintain strength while keeping the frame width under 32”. We feel this frame is the strongest on the market and adds to trailer life.

In the design and construction of our Heavy-Duty Flatbed Bicycle trailer, the most popular cargo bicycle trailer in our cargo trailer lineup, the double perimeter frame can easily be seen. It’s got a DOUBLE perimeter frame, which prevents bending, twisting, and cracking. Not to mention that the HDPE floor is held to the frame with 38 rivets – we take your cargo hauling seriously. You’ll notice that the majority of our other cargo bicycle trailers have the same style of dual perimeter frames: the DIY High-Side kit, the DIY Kit, the Landscaping bicycle trailer, the Street-vending bicycle trailer… these trailers (and most of our child trailers) are designed with ease-of-use and durability in mind. Getting you from point A to point B with all your cargo is what we care about. A broken trailer is a sure-fire way to have a really bad day.

Now that we’ve talked about cargo trailers, what about child trailers? Well you’ll be glad to know that our Child trailers as well as our Special Needs trailers have double perimeter frames around the footwell as well. This is to give better rigidity to the frame and prevent sagging in the middle where there can be a lot of torsion and stress on the frame. The dual perimeter frame setup not only will ensure that your trailer stands the test of time, but it will ensure that your most precious cargo (your children!) are protected in the event of an accident. Our children’s bicycle trailer frames are designed with safety in mind. The top canopy hoops act as a roll cage, and the double perimeter footwell provides the proper protection so that you can be rest assured that your little ones’ feet are contained and safe inside the frame.

Going even one step further, we have our Extra Large Special Needs Bicycle trailer. This trailer has a TRIPLE perimeter frame. We wanted to extend the weight capacity in this trailer, so that larger adults and disabled individuals have an opportunity to ride along with their able-bodied friends and family. The triple frame on the XL trailer distributes the weight of the rider evenly across the frame, so even when they’re approaching the maximum weight limit, you can be rest assured that they are in a trailer that has been designed with them in mind.