Utility Trailer

The most common trailer on the market is the utility trailer. These trailers are the first choice we recommend when outfitting a landscaping crew or hauling ATVs. Utility trailers generally have side rails which makes securing the load even easier. There are many options available for customizing utility trailers for a landscaping crew.

Enclosed trailer

Enclosed trailers are the best option if you want your landscaping equipment out of the weather. Also, racks and hooks are easily added to the interior of the trailer walls for easy tool storage. You can add shelves and brackets to hold your weed trimmers, blowers, sprayers, hand tools, and replacement parts. Suppose you do not have indoor storage for your equipment. An enclosed trailer will give you weather protection to prolong the life of your equipment!

Dump Trailer

Dump trailers are excellent for moving skid loaders and mini excavators. It will be essential for hauling mulching, dirt, or grass clippings. If you plan on towing any mowers with the trailer, make sure the model you purchase has ramps, or you can buy separate trailer ramps.

Car Haulers

Car haulers can carry up to 5,000 lb worth of landscaping equipment. Choose from wooden decking switch to a diamond plate floor for maximum durability! Car haulers can get very heavy, so Lawrimore added brakes to both axles for extra braking protection.

Equipment Trailers

Need to transport heavy equipment but need a heavier trailer than a car hauler? Purchase an equipment trailer!

Tilt trailer

Tilt trailers are best for medium to heavy equipment with a low profile. Tilt trailers outfitted with hydraulic lifts make for easy loading and offloading. Most tilt trailers do not have side rails, making them great for loading and unloading landscaping materials from the side.

Deck Over Trailer

The platform on deck-over trailers sits above the wheels, so the deck is higher and broader than other trailer styles. Deck over trailers generally do not have side rails, so you can quickly load skids or other landscape materials from the side. Since the deck is wider than other trailers, the Deck Over Trailer will be an excellent option for bulky equipment. However, the ramps on deck overs are longer due to the height of the deck. You will need more space to load and unload than a similarly sized utility trailer.

Gooseneck Trailer

A gooseneck trailer has a long “neck” that reaches over your truck’s tailgate and slides onto a ball receiver mounted in the bed. Gooseneck trailers are generally used for very heavy loads like vehicles and multiple tractors. Also, they are more stable than bumper pull trailers. Gooseneck trailers are best used for large loads of heavy landscape materials, excavation equipment, or tractors. A gooseneck trailer is not practical as a daily landscape trailer transportation but is useful for large excavation equipment.