When you have the choice of a torsion utility trailer axle or a spring utility trailer axle, it can be a tough decision to make. Both axles perform the same function just in different ways, but neither is better than the other. 

Torsion Axles 

Torsion axles are constructed from a series of rubber cords inside a square tube opposed to a metal spring for suspension. The tube includes an inner core piece which the torsion arms are attached to. The use of rubber torsion bars result in a smoother ride.

The basic benefits of a torsion utility trailer axle include:

  1. Improved ride quality
  2. Greater load capacity
  3. Lower maintenance
  4. No metal-on-metal contact points
  5. Better corrosion resistance
  6. Usually last longer than spring axles


Spring Utility Trailer Axles

Spring utility trailer axles use stacked flat springs for suspension and cushioning. In most cases, the axle will be over the springs which helps to lower ride height providing better stability. In addition, it makes it easier to load and unload the trailer. 

Spring trailer axles provide many benefits including:

  1. Inexpensive upfront costs compared to torsion axles
  2. Most dependable tire wear
  3. No rewelding necessary 
  4. Easy installation


Choosing Between Torsion and Spring Utility Trailer Axles

There isn’t a clear right choice between the two. It depends on your trailer’s use and what you’ll be loading into it. For heavier loads, a torsion utility trailer axle might be better and you will also have a smoother ride. If you plan to haul wood or equipment, a spring utility trailer axle is a good idea and will save you money upfront. 

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