If you’re a regular camper or someone who is looking to make their camping easier, a teardrop trailer may be a good fit for you. There are many benefits to choosing a teardrop trailer. 

Below are just a few benefits of a teardrop trailer.

Lightweight & Easily Towable

Teardrop trailers are a lightweight alternative to most other campers as many weigh a little less than 1000 pounds. This means that finding a tow vehicle with the appropriate towing capacity for your teardrop trailer would be easier. Additionally, their smaller size makes them easier to maneuver. 

Lower Cost

A brand new, luxury teardrop trailer can cost significantly less than a much larger trailer. You are getting more bang for your buck by choosing a trailer with most of the amenities found in a larger trailer for a fraction of the cost. 

Easy to Store

Given the smaller size of a teardrop trailer, storage can be much simpler. A larger trailer can sometimes be parked on the side of a house, and in other cases may need to be stored elsewhere. This problem is less of a dilemma with a teardrop trailer as they can fit into smaller places, such as a garage or backyard, without requiring too much space. 

More Comfortable When Sleeping Outdoors

Tent camping is a large part of the camping experience, but it can easily become a pain as a result of bad weather. With a teardrop trailer, you can still have a comparable experience while being protected from the elements. 

You Can Customize

Customizing larger trailers can be costly due to their size even with limited options. With a teardrop trailer, customizing can be a much more cost effective option. The savings upfront allows you to customize your trailer to your liking and may still be less than if you were to buy a full-size trailer. 

Start Your Summer Adventure With Primo Trailer

If you plan on having a summer full of adventure, Primo Trailer can support you. We offer a variety of aluminum utility trailers that have been tried and true since 2012. In summer 2023, we will be introducing a new line of trailers: our Land Force series. Our teardrop trailer is a part of our Land Force Series and it’s perfect for any adventurer. Look for it soon!